About Loft    

THE LOFT gallery is located in the smart Zamalek district of Cairo. The owner, Hani Gamil, opened the Gallery in November 2002 in a large apartment of a charming 30's house. As soon as you enter the Loft you are immediately aware of the quietude
of the premises - an atmosphere in complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. You are in another world. You are also immediately aware of the size of the rooms with their high ceilings, typical of old houses of that epoch.

Thanks to this space the Loft can expose a large collection of lightings - many of which are it's own creations: chandeliers, table lamps - a multitude of brightness. Within its rather rustic d├ęcor and oriental atmosphere you will find a perfect


combination of antique and new furniture, all sorts
of home accessories and a treasure trove of curiosities - all coming together in harmony.

Pay us a visit to 12, Sayed Al Bakri Street in Zamalek, Cairo and see for yourself. Or visit us on our Website.

The owner, Hani Gamil, is a young decorator originating from Upper Egypt. He is a "self-made" man who learnt his trade "on the job" in the Egyptian capital Cairo. In spite of his young age (born in 1978), he already has long experience in
the field of interior design. From the age of 18 he has worked for some well known "avant-guard" Egyptian interior designers. He is typical of the new generation of Egyptian creators.

In 2002 he decided to take the plunge and open his own workshop and gallery, namely the LOFT. He gathered together all his extensive knowledge and experience and, also thanks to his close friends who believed in his aims and have been a continual support, the LOFT was realised.